The Creator & Queen of Sheen; Bianca Harmer is a fantastic metal weaving jade of a woman. Bianca has a decisive eye and finds inspiration for her line via the select imagery she surrounds herself with and the mysterious noir world of the unknown. Bianca has always been into making things, she is self taught in jewelry design and has an obvious love of fashion. After growing up in Bakersfield, California she left to pursue a life and education in Los Angeles. In LA she attended FIDM studying Visual Communications, wore up-cycled vintage and went by the cheeky moniker Girlfunk.  After an unfortunate incident Bianca felt drawn to protect and express herself via style. She then sewed together her first Joan of Arc inspired piece by transforming a vintage shirt appliqué into an off the shoulder design she named “Shawlace”. Quickly Bianca realized that her valiant creations were something strong and she elaborated. The line eventually took shape and her almost namesake brand (dropped an H) became realized. Bianca Armer designs was birthed out of a move to make highly powerful, wearable protection pieces that are unstoppably gorgeous. Bianca finds people automatically are drawn and curious about the intricate nature of these one of a kind pieces yet they scream don’t fuck with me. When she’s not at her studio in East LA lacing metal and redefining avant-garde wearable art she’s most likely chasing after her dog, Chuck Pug Taylor.